You can use the Aussie Anglers Almanac Regional Monthly Overview to plan for the optimum time to travel for your big trips?

Simply choose the region you want to travel to on the map below, click the corresponding button, then scroll down to the Monthly Planner and skip through the months to find your best travel time. Watch the explainer video on this page for more information.

Where are you planning to fish this month?

Click on the region button below for an overview of what’s happening in that area. You’ll also find a month-by-month overview to help you plan ahead.

Aussie Angler Almanac details and dates are true — to the best of our knowledge — at the time of production, but regulations often change. If you know of an update, please log in and send a PM to Starlo or Jo, so we can update the Almanac for all fishers.


The best place to be,
when you can’t be fishing.