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Noteworthy concepts, ideas and innovations from Inner Circle Members, as posted on the Clubhouse Wall. Too good to allow to disappear forever, these have been rescued from the stream and saved for all time. A huge thanks to each and every member whose great hacks end up here.

Blackfish fly & bait combo rig

Hi all, just a quick note and a few photos for those who might be interested in trying luderick this winter. Had success with my first batch of home tied weed flies.

Very happy with the results, fishing a tandem rig consisting of a fresh green weed bait on the longer trace and the weed fly on the shorter trace into a weed and sand burley trail.

Of the 6 I landed, 4 took the fly. Surprised myself, was a little bit sceptical but now converted. Photos show basic equipment used and a couple of the results.

All the best, Eris.

~ Eris Bruni
(extracted and reposted with Eris’

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