“The Edge”

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Bring your love for tropical fishing home with this museum-grade fine art print of “The Edge”, an original painting by Jo Starling.

The Edge is an intense image depicting the brittle moment before a northern saratoga strikes at a damselfly resting just above the water surface.

Inspired by the stunningly beautiful — yet brutal — landscape around her home town of Darwin, the artist pours her admiration of the northern saratoga (Scleropages jardinii) into this work, with paintily details that will hold your attention longer than you intend.

My heart still pounds every time I take in “The Edge”. I grew up in Darwin, in the Top End of Australia. The strikingly beautiful Corroboree Billabong lay on my doorstep and became my home fishing waters. I recall being fashionably disappointed upon catching a saratoga in my early fishing days… that was before I came to truly appreciate them. They are an inspirational example of evolution and tenacity. Sleek, stealthy and perfectly formed. They are nurturing, yet brutal… all at once. And their armour plating is intricate and pretty. They truly are unique.

This painting challenged me, sitting half finished on my easel for over a year. When I finally understood how to overcome my demons, the pace was manic! My pulse pounded in my wrists and chest. I could genuinely feel the anticipation of the moment I was trying to depict. One split second before the tranquil scene erupted and the damselfly was no more. This is the edge of the lily bed AND the edge of existence.”

             ~ Jo Starling, 2017.

These individually hand-signed editions celebrate the profound connection that’s formed through careful observance of nature in a uniquely contemporary style that will bring joy and light into any fishing home.

This signed fine art print is reproduced in pigment inks on museum grade cotton rag and has an archival life of 100 years +. Each print is numbered and hand signed by the artist. The print will post unframed.