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Starlo’s Inner Circle is a private, “gated community” of Fishotopia, accessible only to current “financial” members. This exclusive space is an invaluable fishing resource. Think of it as a unique club… a place where you can come to watch, read, research, learn, share, discuss, laugh, shop… anything at all to do with fishing in Australia, except wetting a line — although, you’ll be invited to do that with Starlo and Jo, too!

Did You Know: Your membership fees will never go up, as long as your subscription remains current? Whilst our membership fees can increase with changing market forces, we are committed to the deal you sign up to, for as long as you are. How cool is that?!

Please note that Fishotopia has a zero tolerance policy towards any form of abuse. We are a safe community, protective of the mental health and wellbeing of all who participate in our forums and events. Please read our Terms Of Use.


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